An original interactive show - Never seen or heard before!

"Unexpected ... Fascinating ... We feel like being part of a big family ... A whole room playing djembe together ... Filled with emotion."
A member of the audience, a few minutes after the concert
Drumming generates positive energy and allows people to lose their inhibitions and let themselves be carried away together by the music.
Doug Manuel, Co-creator of "Do You Speak Djembe?"
“Our music is constantly evolving and exploring new horizons - and this is just the beginning!”

Seckou Keita, Kora / percussion / voice
“Through drumming we recover our primitive ability to listen to ourselves and others. Drumming stimulates personal development and self-knowledge, improving team spirit and letting us work better in a group.”

Doug Manuel, Co-creator of "Do You Speak Djembe?"
“... The interflow of energy … is why I love “Do You Speak Djembe.”

Alex Wilson, Keyboard player

As you enter the theatre, your djembe drum awaits you on your seat. A unique experience of music, rhythm and energy is about to start…

Under the guidance of master of ceremonies Doug Manuel, you become a percussionist for the evening, a part of the show!  Joining a world-class band of talented African and international musicians, you’ll create amazing music  —  feeling and speaking the language of the djembe!

Doug and his team, led by renowned kora player Seckou Keita, carry everyone into the heart of it all. You embark on a breathtaking journey of energy, emotion and communication through music. The whole theatre comes alive to the sound of African and jazz instruments, lyrical voices, hundreds upon hundreds of djembes, and an exciting cultural fusion of music from all over the world.

This show has no audience. All join together as musicians. Instruments and hearts beat in unison.

Let yourself be carried away! Join us for this unforgettable shared musical experience!


Aug 17, 2015
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Tournée 2015

May 1, 2011
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Featuring the maestro kora player Seckou Keita, this unique show brings together an outstanding group of  West African and international musicians.

All are artists in their own right and we are proud to promote them and their inspiring music.


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