An original interactive show. Never seen or heard before!

“Through drumming we recover our primitive ability to listen to ourselves and others. Drumming stimulates personal development and self-knowledge, improving team spirit and letting us work better in a group.”

Doug Manuel, director of Sewa Beats
“A conductor’s art consists of an uncompromising respect for high standards, a baton technique and, above all, a philosophical approach. His perception of music is sensory. He speaks to it, feels it and loves it. His duty is to express and convey this love.”
Philippe Fournier, director of the Orchestre Symphonique Lyonnais (OSL)
People's dynamic energy and personal rhythm depend on the beating of their hearts rather than on their minds. I am convinced that the sounds and power of the primeval language of the djembes can have a beneficial effect both on group behaviour and individual attitudes.
Doug Manuel, director of Sewa Beats
“Our music is constantly evolving and exploring new horizons - and this is just the beginning!”

Seckou Keita, Kora / percussion / voice
"Unexpected ... Fascinating ... We feel like being part of a big family ... A whole room playing djembe together ... We can feel a big emotion."
A member of the audience, a few minutes after the concert
Drumming generates positive energy and allows people to lose their inhibitions and let themselves be carried away together by the music.
Doug Manuel, director of Sewa Beats
Imagine ... Imagine a fusion ... African rhythms ... Western harmonies ... A unique creation ... Two chefs d’orchestre ... A show without spectators ... Where the public becomes actor ...
“We must never forget that music speaks above all to our senses and to our hearts"

Philippe Fournier, director of the Orchestre Symphonique Lyonnais (OSL)

Come and take part in this fantastic fusion of classical music and ancestral African drumming!

“A show without spectators, where the public become actor...

All audience members will receive a djembe and be guided to play along with the symphony orchestra and the African musicians.

When entering, you will already be transported by this unique vision;
a djembe placed on every chair waiting for you to be its one night percussionist…

On an original idea of
Philippe Fournier, Director of the Orchestre Symphonique Lyonnais
Doug Manuel, Director of the Sewa Beats Septet

Musical arrangements:
Seckou Keita
and Philippe Fournier

Philippe Fournier, with his Orchestre Symphonique Lyonnais, and Doug Manuel, with his team of African musicians, lead by the world class Kora player Seckou Keita carry the audience right into the heart of it all, and everyone ‘speaks Djembe together’.

Through Dominante (Philippe Fournier) and Sewa Beats (Doug Manuel), these two artists have already forged themselves solid reputations as architects of creative musical events.

Do You Speak Djembe? breaks down all barriers.
Performers and audience come together, in a language and a world of their own.
Discover this exceptional experience of communicating through music.

May 1, 2011
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.... for your support to the UNICEF program "Schools for Africa"!

Do You Speak Djembe? for UNICEF

was at
Théâtre du Léman, Geneva
on 3rd & 4th May 2012

Under the High Patronage of
Sir Roger Moore

WRS - World Radio Switzerland
Sewa Beats

May 1, 2011
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May 1, 2011
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Featuring the maestro kora player Seckou Keita, this incredible show brings together the very best of this generation’s West African and great European musicians.

Each one of them an artist in their own right, we are proud to promote and offer their CD’s.


Miro means ‘Positive Thought’ and represents the direction of Keita in this album, a lyrical and masterful journey across continents... Listen

Davide Mantovani


This new album draws together pages from his music diary. Brazillian, West-African and Latin styles are intertwined with Jazz and Cinematic elements. Listen

For more information, contact us at

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